How about giving your time, money, or talents to help others?    There are many volunteer opportunities in Puerto Penasco.   Fortunately many people have organized many fine options to help you reach out to others.   While you are in Rocky Point having a great time, it’s amazing to reach out and help others too.  The local people are very warm and friendly, and thankful for your help!

Enjoy helping children?   Esperanza Children’s Home offers temporary housing for children whose families are having a hard time taking care of them.   Why not volunteer at their center, the children love visitors.   They are happy to take receive donations of food, clothing, games, or money to help with their operations.   They are located 15 miles north of Penasco, just a few miles off the main road.  For details see their website www.esperanzaparalosninos.com.

Caring for the Elderly is Casa Hogar’s mission.   They are located on Avenida Hidalgo and Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez.  They survive solely on donations and would sincerely appreciate your help!   Volunteer to stop in and bring any medical donations.    For information, call President Ruben Rodriguez Rico at 638-383-2599.

DIF is a social service organization that provides health services and a variety of other services for needy families in Puerto Penasco.   Supported solely by fundraisers and donations, you can help by calling 638-383-6145.

What about supporting a Christian church?   The Rocky Point Family of God helps families and needy people with clothing, food, and many items for children at Christmas.   For donations, please contact Pastor Tab Gray at tab.gray@rpfog.com or stop by, they are located at the east end of Las Palomas Road.   You are always welcome at Sunday Services as well, 9 am or 11 am.   Various Bible Studies take place during the week, such as a Couples Class, New Believers Class, Potluck and Bible Study.   There is also a Praise & Prayer service every Wednesday evening at 7:00pm.