Puerto Penasco Summertime Sizzles

What a terrific time to come to Puerto Penasco, aka Rocky Point for sizzling summertime fun!   While the temps in Phoenix reach 110 degrees, we are loving the ocean breezes in the 80s.   The summertime temps here in Rocky Point have been hovering in the 80s and coupled with cool ocean breezes, it’s definitely the best place to be.  Sweet Summertime Sizzles in Mexico beaches at Puerto Penasco.

The beautiful Sea o f Cortez reaches 90 degrees in the summer, making a swim in the Sea a very pleasant experience.   No shivering when you come out of the water, and it’s a breeze to get used to this warm temperature!   We see a few waves in the ocean on breezy days but it’s typically smooth sailing in the water.  Especially great for a float in your favorite tube or lounge floatie.   

Summer is also terrific for a ride on one of our tourist boats.    Experiences range from a large EcoFun tour, to a Pirate ship with entertainment, to a Catamaran sail.   The dolphins are fun to watch as they chase along besides the boats, splashing and jumping along.   Some of these boating experiences also include swim time, jump off and swim or float in the Sea.   Cool down for a bit, then climb back aboard for a refreshing margarita!   Sounds like a great day at Sea.