Cool Ocean Breezes still found in Puerto Penasco!!

Driving south from Phoenix in June, who could guess that we would find cool ocean breezes?    We thought outdoor fun was over when the temps reached 118 in Phoenix.   Then we watched our temperature gauge in our car drop as we drove south.   Heading into Puerto Penasco the temp outside is now 85.   WOW, perfect for sitting on the balcony watching the ocean waves.   Or better yet, hitting the beach and body surfing?    There are great waves right now in Penasco, perfect for boogie boarding, riding banana boats, jet skis or just floating on your air mattress, keeping you cool, embraced by cool ocean breezes.
The beaches are packed, looks like many people have discovered the Sea of Cortez, Arizona’s closest ocean beach.    After receiving the Clean Beach designation this year, the beaches are better than ever.    The community is working diligently to keep them clean and comfortable.     The temperature of the Sea of Cortez is still just a tad chilly, probably in the 90s, much warmer than in California, just enough to make it refreshing.   We have been walking the beaches, and are so glad to say we have not seen any jellyfish, so its perfect for sitting on the edge of the water in a comfy chair, letting the waves wash over us while we are enjoying the cool breezes.
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